Collaboration Fox Hanx Handkerchiefs: All The Details

Collaboration Hanx, or as they are more commonly referred to as "Collab Hanx" are what we at Fox Hanx call handkerchiefs that are a collaboration with us and another company. These styles feature embroidered logo artwork of the company in a variety of different color schemes, are double layer like our standard hankies, and are approximately 11.5" by 11.5" when open. These handmade, limited edition handkerchiefs are available in a few different ways depending on the specific agreement we have with the company we are collaborating with. Please keep in mind that as a small business making a handmade product, these items are made and become available through a rotation. It is very rare that all of the companies we collaborate with have a handkerchief style available. We understand that this may be frustrating to some; however, it is very important to us to make handkerchiefs that reflect the same quality that all of our products accomplish through careful craftsmanship. This takes time, and pride and care go into each unit we produce here in Texas.

There are three ways our Collab Hanx are available:

1. Fox Hanx Collab Drops via our website

These drops occur on Saturday's at 2 PM CST and appear in our "Collabs" website collection. When a new style goes live, we communicate with our customers via Drop Alerts (email alerts of Fox Hanx Drops). We do our best to show interested parties a preview of the new style(s) before they go live. Once they do, the handkerchiefs are available on a first come first served bases. Once your payment goes through, the item is yours and we ship your selection to you. Popular styles sell out very quickly.

 2. Company attended knife shows throughout the year

Throughout the calendar year, companies we collaborate with attend knife shows around the world. If you are attending, you will often find Collab Hanx featured on the maker's table if they are attending the show. We are not always able to be on every maker's table that we work with, but we do our best to meet that specific company's needs! Occasionally, we will have them available on our table. The best way to find out where they will be is to simply follow our social media (Instagram and Facebook) and theirs. These styles will be available on a first come first served bases from the perspective location.

3. Distributed by the company at their own discretion

Companies that we work with that distribute Collab Hanx at their own discretion have their own plans for how they make the handkerchiefs available. If this is the exclusive agreement we have with a company, then Collab Hanx featuring their artwork in any way will only be available through them. Fox Hanx does not make custom orders with their artwork, or sell any units from them at shows or via our web shop. If you would like to purchase a handkerchief from one of these companies, the best way to do so is to communicate directly with them or their dealers!

Below is an alphabetical list of each company we currently work with! Please keep in mind that this list is updated as new are added. Next you will find the same list with details of how the handkerchiefs are available depending on the specific agreement we have with them.

  • Barker Knives by John Barker
  • Barrel Flashlight Co. by Kevin and Megan Shirley
  • Borka Blades by Sebastijan Berenji
  • Burch Knifeworks by Michael Burch
  • Carey Blades by Peter Carey
  • Chad Nell Knives
  • Christensten Knifeworks by Matthew Christensen
  • Collozo Knives by Will Collazo
  • Ed Cope Knives
  • Efros Knives by Brian Efros
  • Foster SoCal Knives by Kevin Foster
  • H.S. Possom by Jeremy Horton and JB Stout
  • Hansen Knives by Scott Hansen
  • Hate Project by Rob Baptie
  • Bergman Knives by Jensen Bergman
  • JBB Knives by Brad Blunt
  • JI Knives by Jonas Iglesias
  • JRP Knives by Jared Price
  • Koch Tools by Justin Koch
  • Lambert Knives by Kirby Lambert
  • Marfione Custom Knives by Anthony Marfione
  • Marsh Knives by Jeremy Marsh
  • McGinnis Knives by Gerry McGinnis
  • Microtech Knives
  • Mosier Knives by David Mosier
  • Nick Swan Knives
  • Oeser Knives by Jared Oeser
  • Okluma Flashlights by Jeff Sapp
  • Robert Carter Knives
  • Scoopyloops Beads by Jon Brown
  • Shannon Carter Knives
  • Sharknivco by Edison Brajas
  • Sharpworks by David Sharp
  • Stout Knives by JB Stout
  • USN Gathering
  • Urban EDC
  • VI Knives by Victor Brajas
  • Walter Randolph Knives
  • Zach Woods Knives

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If you are interested in collaborating with us, or you are interested in seeing a collaboration from a specific company, reach out to us via our contact page!

To view the Collaboration Handkerchiefs we currently have available in our web shop, visit this collection: Collabs


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