Fox Hanx Cloth Masks

In early April 2020, our team began working long hours to rapidly launch cloth face mask to our valued customers. We asked you to please join us in preparing for what is ahead while staying positive for the future during the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19. In the weeks that followed we used what fabric we had on hand to produce what quantities we could, and introduced several prototypes before landing on our final design. We made designs for men, women, and children in an effort to fill the ongoing need. From the start, we have been fully aware that we wouldn't be able to keep up with the masses; however our goal was to simply equip our customers in whatever way we could. 

We are thankful for the feedback we have received from the Fox Fam. While there are a few minor adjustments we are considering, pictured is the final design of our cloth masks! 

  • 3 layers of tightly woven quilter's cotton
  • Generous pocket to add your own filter
  • Cord nose piece for a snug fit
  • Highly adjustable paracord straps
  • Cord lock system to latch easily and securely
  • Pre-washed fabric (reduce shrinkage after washes) 
  • Machine Washable

What to Expect

It is now early June and we have finalized our design! Since our policy has always been to sell ready-made product (no pre-orders), our small team is now working hard to stabilize stock of our ready-to-ship masks in the web shop. You can expect between 3-5 different prints in the same fitted mask pattern to be continually restocked when they sell out (as production allows). Price will be $25 each or any 3 face masks for $60. 

Rest assured, we were up for the challenge of creating a design that would be long-lasting! You are a valued customer, and we know that you have a choice of where you spend your hard earned income. Thank you for your consideration and interest in our small business. Truly, it means so much to us. Our team will continue to strive for excellence in every project to equip you for whatever the future holds.


Michael & Mary Beth Miller

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