The Miller Twins

In 2015, we started Fox Hanx. Last year, we found out that we are expecting identical twin girls in the Summer of 2019! So many of our customers have reached out with congratulations and words of encouragement as we navigate becoming parents. Fox Hanx has been a full-time job for both of us since early 2016 because of the overwhelming support from a generous community of customers. Many of you have become friends. We can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly blessed we feel to have the ability to work from home full time as we prepare to welcome the newest editions to the Miller family. Our days consist of hand making handkerchiefs from start to finish, fulfilling our web shop orders, attending what knife shows we can before the twins’ arrival, and now preparing our home for two newborns! If you have purchased a handkerchief from our web shop or in person at a knife show, we thank you. The American dream would not be possible for us without the support of the people who purchase from small businesses making products right here in the USA.

If you would like to contribute to the Miller Twin's Diaper Fund, you can view all the details by following this link:

Photos by Stephanie Murphree Photography

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