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The Miller Twins

The Miller Twins

In 2015, we started Fox Hanx. Last year, we found out that we are expecting identical twin girls in the Summer of 2019! So many of our customers have reached out with congratulations and words of encouragement as we navigate becoming parents. Fox Hanx has been a full-time job for...
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Collaboration Fox Hanx Handkerchiefs: All The Details

Collaboration Fox Hanx Handkerchiefs: All The Details

Collaboration Hanx, or as they are more commonly referred to as "Collab Hanx" are what we at Fox Hanx call handkerchiefs that are a collaboration with us and another company. These styles feature embroidered logo artwork of the company in a variety of different color schemes, are double layer like our standard hankies, and are approximately 11.5" by 11.5" when open. These handmade, limited edition handkerchiefs are available in a few different ways depending on the specific agreement we have with the company we are collaborating with.
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About | How Fox Hanx Started


Fox Hanx is a handkerchief company run by a husband and wife in Decatur, Texas. We specialize in durable soft goods that assist you throughout your day like nothing else can: with class and timeless style. We put the dapper in your back pocket! 

It would be a pleasure to share our story on how we began making Fox Hanx, the many uses of a handkerchief, and what to expect when selecting a handkerchief from our online shop. 



His side of the story: I was noticing that my friends began carrying handkerchiefs and featuring them in their Every Day Carry (EDC) snapshots on social media. I picked up a few myself to see what all the fuss was about.

I thought it was a great way to add color and texture to an EDC, and the handkerchief proved to be useful for every day tasks. When I decided I wanted to pick up more hankies, I browsed through the available options. I searched through pages and pages of handkerchiefs, but quickly discovered that finding one I liked was going to be a challenge.

I wanted a handkerchief collection that would class up my essentials and create a timeless aesthetic. I was finding all kinds of prints and patterns, but, unfortunately, very few featured a gentlemen’s signature: herringbone, houndstooth, solid, etc. And I knew I wasn’t alone!

Of course, I had no idea how to sew. I started bugging my wife, Mary Beth, to sew up a dapper handkerchief for me. At the time, she was pursuing her photography business specializing in family and newborn.  My wife has always been a creative person and has tried her hand at all kinds of projects.

It took 3 months of convincing, but she finally got together with her mom (who taught her how to sew) to create a prototype. I showed my friends, and the rest is history! Fox Hanx is now a full time job for both of us.

Her side of the story: the first gift Michael gave me was a knife (benchmade), so, it’s fair to say I knew what I was getting into when I married a Miller! In 2015, my husband approached me about making him a handkerchief.

I’ll admit, I was hesitant to see the value in adding yet another item to an Every Day Carry—should just be the essentials, ya know? Car keys, phone, wallet, flashlight, pocket knife, etc.

I carry my own knife because I believe that part of being an independent individual is being properly prepared for whatever the day may bring. At the time, it did not include a handkerchief.

But Michael was determined. It was certainly refreshing to see the expression of his personality through the handkerchief prints, and he continued to prove it’s usefulness throughout a day.

Once I began carrying a hankie myself, It wasn’t long before I noted the many uses in social situations as well as outdoor adventures. I knew he was onto something.

Finally, I selected fabric and went to see my mom. She had years of sewing experience so we put together the first prototype together. I happened to be fond of foxes, so, I told Michael that I will continue to make them, but on one condition: we have to call them Fox Hanx. 



  • To Wipe Sweat
  • To be Chivalrous
  • As a “Dad Rag”
  • As a Dust Mask
  • To Play Capture the Flag With
  • As a Bandage
  • To Blow Your Nose
  • As a Backdrop for Pocket Dumps
  • As a Signal Device
  • As a Blanket for a Squirrel
  • As a Washcloth or Towel
  • To Filter Water
  • To Clean Glasses, Camera Lenses, Etc. (please note: flannel Fox Hanx are recommened if you desire it for this use.)
  • To Wipe Down Knives-Gear
  • To Clot/Apply Pressure to a Bleeding Wound
  • To Add a Touch of Style to Your Day



We believe your handkerchief should be an item you take pride in carrying and withstand the use you put it through, which is why Fox Hanx are made with excellence from the start. We select high quality fabrics, use careful craftsmanship, as well as attention to detail to accomplish a hanky that adds the style you need to your EDC essentials while accomplishing the durability you should expect from your handkerchief. Each Fox Hanx is held to a high standard during every stage of production because every single Fox Hanx is handcrafted in the U.S.A with pride and care. 


Thank you for visiting our online shop, and taking the time to learn about our small business! Our hope is that you will be part of bringing dapper back with the use of a handmade handkerchief.

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